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Posted by Robyn on September 7, 2012 at 12:05 AM
This is a blog space for Robyn's wonderful commited students to share the wisdom, truth and insights developed in their participation in workshops and retreats. Please click on "comments' to view comments and personal insights from workshop and retreat students :)

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Reply Di Hill
01:56 AM on September 07, 2012 
The Modern Art, Science & Psychology of Spiritual Awakening is a course that is not to be missed by any genuine seekers of enlightenment. This course takes you into a place that you may not have experienced before and enables you to fully expand your consciousness to embrace living in the moment. Robyn has a unique ability to bring participants into the truth of who we are. She is a genuine spiritual master who is able to show us the way to discover everything we always wanted to know and move into a dimension within ourselves and find inner peace.

I urge all dedicated seekers to explore this course under Robyn's guidance. She has a vital and new approach to spiritual awakening which includes methods enabling not only transformation to a place of peace and happiness within, but a guide to cope with exacting everyday occurrences in our present world,
Reply Di Hill
10:13 PM on September 28, 2012 
PEACE is the absence of conflict, worries and stressful situations.

PEACE is inner silence and calm surroundings.

PEACE is freedom - total freedom from life's trials and tribulations.

PEACE is being with God and knowing that I am helped with problems.

PEACE is living in harmony with the universe.

PEACE is the ability to recognise the beauty and joy of every moment and identifying with with everything that lives on the planet.

PEACE is within and has the power to transform lives when it is realised.

PEACE within oneself allows the joy of living to be fully realised.

PEACE and harmony in oneself can assist the transformation of others.

PEACE can be reflected outwards and can be experienced by all living things.

PEACE and stillness allows oneself to listen with openness without making a judgement - to truly hear.

A PEACEFUL and still mind is in a position to receive from the Universe (God) and often offers solutions to a given situation.

PEACE enables a trust and vice-versa - a trust that knows no bounds.

When PEACE abounds within, a joyful and contented life is experienced, and living is fully realised and enjoyed.

Thank you Robyn for a wonderful course - I recommend it to anybody who seeks enlightenment.
Reply Mark
12:08 AM on October 06, 2012 
What is
A peaceful mind is a mind that does'nt worry
A peaceful mind is one that does'nt give a creedence to other peoples stories.
Apeaceful mind enables me to not be taken away by the emotion of Anger,jealously,hurt Disfunction and reality.

Having a peaceful mind would allow you to delve deeper into the thoughts of consciousness and awareness of a peaceful mind.
What would it be like to have a peaceful mind ,free of every thought and worry of existence! Not to focus on problems or solutions ,worries and predjudices.
Is a peaceful mind devoid of clarity, of right or wrong ,good and bad,caring or compasionate,or does it retain those human traits but just lets it be as it IS.

A Peaceful mind with only Awareness of the void would enable you to not judge people or empower people to attack my personal judgement.
What is a peaceful Mind.
Having a peaceful mind enables you to let your Brain &body be still and aware of your surroundings.

Would a peaceful mind solve the equation of wants VS Needs, mentally,socially physically,sexually and spiritually.

A peaceful mind is good,calming,productive and inspiring ,freeing your heart of pain and desire.
A peaceful mind will empower your consciousness to see all that is around me.

What is a peaceful mind. It is being open to new energy which will help you break free of old paradigms and create a new inner peace.
Reply Kylie
11:56 PM on December 05, 2012 
After a wonderful 8 weeks of taking part in "The Art and Science of Stillness and Spiritual Awakening" course I have come to understand what Peace means for me...

Peace is not the absence of chaos, it is the ability to find calm amidst the chaos.
It is the knowledge that all is well,
always has been,
always will be.

True peace can not be altered by any thought, emotion or occurrence.
I may feel at times that peace is absent but if I stop... still my mind, focus and breathe I will find it was always there waiting for me to embrace it.
A place of acceptance, surrender, contentment, joy, understanding and love
- my own inner peace.

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