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Book - The Soul Code - The keys to unlocking an Ordinary Awakening

Read Robyns amazing story and journey of spiritual awakening. "An ordinary awakening" is based on a journey taken by an ordinary Australian mother, wife and worker and shows us how ANYONE and everyone can achieve enlightenment in their own home without the need to travel the world on pilgramages, ashrams or by using any 'special' modalities or rituals. Robyns message is of a simple truth that opens the heart and sets us free from the entanglement of human suffering and spiritual seeking.

An ordinary woman, an ordinary life. A middleclass wife , mother and worker in Australia. A story for you to know that anyone can awaken to the truth now.


We live in a world today that has us in an illusionary state of constant searching to find Enlightenment, as if it’s something that we have to ‘get’ like food. We are bombarded in what is called the “New Age” movement AND old age movements such as Christianity, Buddhism and Hindu practices, chanting, dancing and calling to or ‘in’ the divine. New modalities and techniques are arising left right and centre a smorgasbord of belief systems and programs that guarantee spiritual awakening never lone the secret laws of attraction. Marketing strategies trying every which way to convince people that ‘they’ have the way to G-d , Universe, Source, the angels, ascended masters, higher power. A spiritual consumer’s world of gloss, bliss, and fairy glitter. They all guaranteed healing, removal of negative energies and entities, chakra and aura alignments, smell this, wear that, take these drops, tap here, tap there, say this and not that, put this crystal here , this color for that … The list is never ending.

We live in a constant trance of searching to find ‘God’ which leaves us on a merry-go-round of continuous ups and downs always questioning for more. When we finally STOP the search , will realize that the peace that we have been seeking for is already right here, it is in you, me and all of life. Whilever we ‘seek’ for it someplace else…we will not find it because we think it is someplace else rather than where it is , right here in the Present Moment.

Since 1990 I too was swept away in the need to know why? And how I would find it? With an incessant desire to free myself from the pain of grief and confusion, I read hundreds of books, did all the workshops, learnt all the techniques, and went on the pilgrimages to the worlds sacred vortexes”, meditated, prayed, chanted, danced, drummed, channeled you name it … I wanted it ALL. I experienced years and years of searching and gathering as much wisdom as I could only to find that the truth wasn’t out there in anywhere in my searching. Even though it was all pointing me in the right direction, it was unsuccessful in giving me the correct answers and feeling of fulfillment and completion that the spiritual seeker requires. All the ‘teachings ‘still missed the one simple truth that could have ended the seeking in a split second. Rather, it distracted me by all the beliefs and concepts of manmade dogma and interpretation and kept me spiraling on that unending labyrinth of seeking.

Every now and then I would say ‘this is it!’ and stay for a while to investigate only to come to the same conclusion that one more time left me unconvinced and questioning … there MUST be more? I would get a temporary ‘high’ yet it would never permanently stay, so I would go do it again, to get one more taste. I’d meditate again, dance again, hold my crystals again, have Reiki again, pray, drum and chant again, and again, and again…year after year. Then finally I was fed up with having to DO so much to stay in touch with my spiritual high. I just wanted to STOP it all. I just wanted to BE in that space that all the experience seemed to take me to for a temporary moment, that space of quiet bliss , of silent Being … silent conscious awareness. Yet, as I stated earlier, it never seemed to stay. I didn’t need to think about or know about God, I wanted to BE loves presence and to know it from fully feeling it as a reality. Not for just a moment here and there but a continuous and forever present experience of BEing. For many years I seemed to be unable to maintain it long enough to truly be free because not enough people were able to communicate the message clearly enough to help others end all seeking.


From somewhere deep inside of me a mysterious driving force so much more than myself kept me determined to continue and not give up until it found it. I believed that somewhere , someone would present a truth that had to have been handed down by the ancient ancestors that where here living naturally on earth before all was lost in the world of technology , globalization and chaos. I made a choice to get off the nauseating enlightenment search merry-go-round and STOP. Much to my surprise, it was in the stopping …that I found the truth. If only someone was there to tell me this in a way that was simple and easy and not filled with story or things to ‘do’, my journey would have been much easier…and cheaper!

I have written this book and designed simple programs as a gift to you to ‘save’ you buying a ticket on the merry-go-round that doesn’t stop.

This was the beginning of a whole new paradigm of awareness. No more ‘praying’ outside for God to show up , no more techniques , affirmations, chants , healing or energy transference techniques, but surrendering to the prayer that was breathing and living as me. When I chose to ‘stop’ I didn’t realize how difficult the journey was going to continue to be for at least another year with all of the belief systems of ‘doing’ that my mind had been imprinted with. What came up for my‘ ego’ and all it’s attachments was painful and ugly. My body felt like something out of a horror movie with one of those ugly extraterrestrial entities tearing through the flesh of the body to escape its environment. The little egoic monster inside of me literally hated that I was taking charge and being present rather than it projecting me out into the world of form that it wanted me to believe in. By choosing to stay present the ego was not being fed with more beliefs to keep me distracted from what the real truth was. Presence allowed me to be with my immediate spirit and the spirit that was all around me. Presence allowed me to enjoy the gift of creation here and now. It was all around me, within me and within absolutely everything, it was what all things arose within, what all things arose from and it was what all things returned back to. It was here while I was searching, before and after and it will forever be. It was nowhere and everywhere, it never left and will be here for eternity.


To be continued...


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