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Bali 2013 - Ubud

                  TRUE AWAKENING  RETREAT

 True Awakening IS true freedom, true love, true peace...the truth of your heart and soul


Picture yourself and your Conscious Life friends in an emerald green Shangri-La--Earth's ultimate paradise in the magical "Island of the Gods."

As we open to the deeper experience of the "Conscious Life' Stillness Meditations & practices and receive the blessings of this spiritual paradise, we will rest, relax, refresh, and experience full conscious awakening in the healing balm of Bali.

The inhabitants of this heavenly island are said to be the most loving and spiritual people on earth. And as we immerse ourselves in this deeply devotional culture, we will find our own slice of paradise - within our heart and soul. 


Experience a week of relaxation, tranquillity, meditation, healing and fun. The 2013 True Awakening Bali Retreat includes :


Airport to Retreat Centre ( and return )  airconditioned tour transfers

Group arrival dinner with beautiful & dynamic traditonal Balinese entertainment

All breakfasts

Daily " Conscious Life" Stillness Meditation practices and ( Satsang ) discussion & dialogue - meetings

Daily morning Yoga with Stephanie and Elita (optional)

Experience the freedom of "SOUL Transcend-DANCE & SOUL VOICE " - Cultivate awareness, presence, and stillness through conscious movement and sound healing.

Day tour to the Tampak Siring Water Sacred Temple participating in water cleansing (prayer) ceremony and then onto a groups buffet lunch overlooking the majestic Kintamani Volcano.

Learn about the Balinese culture and participate in Temple Blessings with spiritual guide ‘Wayan’.

Elephant Safari Park ( entry and transfer )

Monkey Forest ( entry and transfer )

Group farewell celebration and dinner

Plenty free time to shop! & spoil yourself with amazing massages!


 Spiritual enlightenment cannot simply be learned, but must instead be experienced through exploration of one's mind and self inquiry. Having a teacher who resides in Universal consciousness helps to the extent that we can act as lanterns shining a light on the path and the ability to know where you are in your own relationship to Universal consciousness . Robyn gentle guides participants into the direct experience of  " Awakening'  into the true nature of Universal Consciousness with love, wisdom and authentic ordinary fun!



On this enchanted island, civilization lives in total harmony with nature and with the supernatural, supporting you with the opportunity to strengthen, develop and immerse into your own spiritual awakening. Just breathing the air of Bali is enough to expand minds and open hearts. Here stunning beauty and profound spirituality blend to create harmony, health, and well-being. Once you experience the transformative powers of Bali, you will never be the same.  


 Essential $100 non refundable holding deposit

 $1300 early bird ( Feb 6th 2013 ) or full price of $1400 ( April 21st 2103)

Not including flights.

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Robyn shares the miracle of True Awakening with the "Conscious Life' Art & Science of Stillness Meditation practices and Satsang meetings which have been created from the core thread message of love and freedom that runs through all world religions. Her message is a refined , simple and a direct communication of modern day spiritual guidance that comes from 20 years of intense study and training in Tibetan & Zen Buddhism, Reiki, Kriya Yoga, Advaita Vedanta, Traditional Aramaic Christianity, Metaphysics, Neuroscience, Quantum Physics, Tao Te Ching , Sociology & Transpersonal Psychology.


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Essential $100 non refundable holding deposit to:

St George Bank

Robyn Collins

BSB 112- 879

AC. 127 992 502


 The authenticity of Robyn's teachings resonate very strongly with me. She has stripped away all the esoteric trappings of modern spirituality and religions and what remains is pure bliss! I am constantly amazed at the benefits the simple practices she teachers are bringing to my life.

As a teacher Robyn is very perceptive, using her vast experience to help her students gain a greater understanding of themselves as spiritual beings. She seems to know just when to gently guide, and also when to give you that big push you need to get you past your resistance. While my ego likes to kick and scream I just keep coming back for more as my true self can sense the truth of what Robyn is teaching!!!

Pam  - Canberra


 After 20 years of searching, I am so grateful to say that attending the Conscious Life Meditation Programs and Bali Retreat with Robyn have finally bought me to total wholeness & oneness with my souls journey…now I can finally live it …and be free!

 Wainoni - Newcastle


The Conscious Life Meditation Teachings and Practices allows you to immerse yourself in the place that connects you to your soul - this philosophy is life changing and I recommend these teachings for those who are seeking awakening . Travelling to Bali with Robyn in 2010 changed my life forever and I would recommend it to everyone! Robyn is a great & authentic teacher with a profound wisdom that is grounded , balanced and gentle. She reflects the direct truth within every humanbeing and comes with no spiritual traps, no special tricks , newage or dogmatic ideologies"

 Debbie - Gosford


Robyn has helped change my life forever…words can not express my respect, love and gratitude for her wisdom, authenticity and fun. Her teachings are profound and never been heard before in Australia .. Our Retreat to Bali was magnificant beyond words. I recommend everyone join in her message of evolutionary spiritual awakening to help heal and raise the consciousness on our earth.

 Elvera - Sydney



Pure Mind - Transcendental Consciousness Meditation

MARCH 1,2 & 3rd
Rainbows Reach Retreat Centre
Wyee - Central Coast

Bali - True Awakening 2013

May 6th -13th  2013
$1300 EB or $1400
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The Art & Science of Stillness & Spiritual Awakening

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$120 or bring a friend and pay $100 each

*Explore cutting edge philosphies from modern spiritual masters and the true secrets to the lawas of manifestation

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* Discover WHO you really are ? WHYyou are here? & WHAT you truly want as a conscious spirit.

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