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Robyn Collins - Spiritual Director

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Soul Counselling and Coaching Services

                  Mindful Awareness Counseling and Coaching services

Robyn Collins B.A.S.Sc (Counseling Psychology) MBSR. MBCT. ACT.

The Australian College of Applied Psycholgy

Woman & Men



Separation & Divorce


Grief & Bereavement


Stress & anxiety 

Pain & anger management


Domestic violence prevention

Surviving sexual abuse


Testimonials below:


Does your daily sense of peace get disrupted? Does the flow of harmony get blocked creating resistance, defense and struggle?

Would you like peace & harmony to be a continuous stream in your life?

Whatever happens to you during your life, the brain is storing every detail in your memory. Every thought carries an emotion and has an impact on your life. Stress, depression, trauma, birth memory, D.N.A or long-term pressures lead to limited inner peace establishing themselves as lifelong blockages & holding patterns that diminish energy, power, peace and well being.




Awareness Based Soul Counselling & Coaching services :

Is an integrative approach to life coaching or counselling drawing on a range of theories and techniques and considerate of all aspects of a person’s being e.g. mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and social aspects.

It is based on a person-centered approach which holds the belief that everyone carries within them the ability to make decisions and resolve issues in a way most relevant to their unique personal circumstances. The counselling relationship provides support and guidance for exploration and discovery, offering you an opportunity to explore your circumstances and your thoughts, feelings, behaviours, hopes and desires and discover your own resourcefulness for initiating change and healing. The primary focus is on the here and now, that is, what you are experiencing in the present moment in relation to your current challenges.

Existential & Transpersonal Psychotherapy

Transpersonal psychotherapy is the integration of Western psychology and Eastern spirituality which moves the humanistic focus beyond the personal self/ego. Its orientation is a holistic one that also focuses on the integration of mind, body and spirit and has ultimate psychological growth, self realization and emotional well-being as its goals. Existential psychotherapy is a powerful approach to therapy which takes seriously the human condition. It is an optimistic approach in that it embraces human potential, while remaining a realistic approach through its recognition of human limitation. Falling in the tradition of the depth psychotherapies, existential therapy has much in common with psychodynamic, humanistic, experiential, and relational approaches to psychotherapy.

 "In 2002 , my daughter was tragically murdered. As you could imagine , to me, it seemed my life was no longer worth living. I could not make sense of anything nor cared to. I was empty and numb and just wanted to die. I filled myself with antidepressents, drugs, alchohol and self harmed so I didnt have to face the internal pain of my loss. One day , someone suggested that I speak with a counselor who had gone through the loss of her own child and recommeded that it may help to talk with her. I met Robyn and instantly felt a weight come off my shoulders. She really did know what I was feeling and the right words to help ease my pain... It has been a long journey but thanks to Robyn and her support I am now able to LIVE again with a new understanding and gratitude for life. " Karen - Wollongong NSW


Counselling may help bring about
•Resolution and healing
•Forward movement Inner strength to face life’s challenges / difficulties / obstacles
•Development and growth of self-awareness and understanding
•Making sense of your world
•Restored faith in your own unique qualities and wisdom
•Initiation of change/s which can bring about new ways of feeling, thinking and behaving that best support you.

Counselling and Therapy Supports:
•Grief and loss
•Depression, loneliness, isolation
•Life changes
•Poor self esteem
•Relationship problems
•Addictive patterns/behaviors
•Living with long term illness
•Health and Wellness

In Person


Telephone Counselling

For appointments telephone

Mob.... 0450 509 882

or e-mail Robyn


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 Personal face to face counselling & coaching
"The Clearing"
2/31 Chambers Place
Woy Woy 2256

Personal issues impact you both physically and emotionally. Counselling is a wonderful way to find inner peace and well being. During these sessions we will focus on the areas in life where we have dis-empowering patterns and problems, such as, relationships. Intimacy, work, money, body, health, etc, and transform them.

You will gain the ability to think and interact in new ways and to explore each area of your life with freedom and originality.When this happens, something else becomes available. Discover a life where you naturally and easily attract and manifest your dreams.
Counselling dissolves the tension in the body and helps to reveal and release the emotional holding patterns and trauma held in body/mind. Re- experienced, expressed and integrated these events and memories cease to have an emotional grip on your life, allowing you to live more consciously and empowered.

At the end of each session you are re energized and refreshed and feel deep inner peace, complete relaxation or even bliss - and ready to step into a new life.

Inquiries 0450509882

" My marriage was nearly over. With a 12 year relationship, a morgage and 3 children , I was convinced after numerous marriage counselors and psychologist that my 'dream' was over. Grief stricken and depressed I was recommended to give it 'one more chance' with a counselor with a 'difference'. Within 4 visits to Robyn my whole life was back on track again. My husband and I fell back in love and now we are now living the dream once again. Words cannot explain not only my gratitude for the miracle that kept my family together after so many years of trying but for Robyns wisdom , care , equality and understanding for what was required for us both to heal our marriage. I highly recommend her work which took us to an amazing new and clear state of awareness that was not presented to us in over 3 years of therapy".  Claire & John - Community Service worker and Landscaper - Riverina NSW 

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Telephone Counselling

Telephone counselling retains all the benefits of consulting with Robyn Collins who is a Life Coach and Counsellor, with the added convenience of doing it from your home or office. She can offer evening and weekend appointments for your convenience. Simply call or email Robyn to book a time that's convenient to you.

There are lots of benefits for you!

No waiting lists, no driving, no parking problems and no childcare costs. You can remain anonymous if you wish. Robyn needs only be given a first name, with no identifying details if you prefer.

Phone counselling services is all about providing you with a confidential and professional service in a way that is both satisfying and convenient for you. We can provide a service that is direct and in some cases immediate.

What Help and Changes Can I Expect?

We to promote and support, well being and education.

Problems that we suffer from are partly our own, but they are also created by the culture that shaped us, they belong to the times in which we live. A physical illness, a psychological problem or a relationship difficulty are not only created or inherited by us but are set in the cultural field in which we live and are a part of that field. With this awareness of underlying patterns it is possible to develop skills and objectivity through working with difficulties that bring relief, choice and freedom.

In counselling with the New Earth centre you can expect to develop skills, experience beneficial changes and discover resolutions to your problems. We are sympathetic, understanding, and occasionally challenging, always with the intention of following your nature in a way that is useful to you.

Payments for Telephone Counselling

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  • 30min = $40
  • 60min =$80
  • 90min = $120

(call costs include land-line connection in Australia only)


                                           Email or call 0450509882 for Inquires and bookings


Pure Mind - Transcendental Consciousness Meditation

MARCH 1,2 & 3rd
Rainbows Reach Retreat Centre
Wyee - Central Coast

Bali - True Awakening 2013

May 6th -13th  2013
$1300 EB or $1400
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The Art & Science of Stillness & Spiritual Awakening

Next Worskshops:

MArch 16th & 17th

11am - 4pm Sat

10am - 3pm Sun

Peninsula Yoga Centre -  Chambers Place Woy Woy

"A step towards Evolutionary Enlightenment"

$120 or bring a friend and pay $100 each

*Explore cutting edge philosphies from modern spiritual masters and the true secrets to the lawas of manifestation

*Learn the integration & focus of Eastern and Western traditions and their vital connections between mind, heart, body, soul & spirit as separate facets of a single whole - ONEness.

* Meditations and activities for self discovery and spiritual mastery

* Quantum Physics—The foundation of BEing & the driving force of evolution.

* Discover WHO you really are ? WHYyou are here? & WHAT you truly want as a conscious spirit.

* Uncover what is really in the way of you experiencing 100% enlightenment and healing

* Presence , Silence & Stillness - Expanding your practice to reach deeper levels of conscious awakening , inner peace and freedom.