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Pure Mind

                                                             The Direct Truth

                                       Transcendental Consciousness Meditation

           Integrating Mind & Spirit to Awaken Self Realisation and Empowerment through the practice of Presence 

    PURE MIND - Transcendental Consciousness
The Pure Mind (PM) - Transcendental Consciousness Meditation Practice directs awareness inward to observe the mind and inner and outer distractions and effortlessly brings the mind within to the source of all thought, the state of pure Being or pure consciousness. Thoughts are then gently and skillfully disengaged to experience inner peace. Pure Mind is authenically and naturally guided with no 'special' inductions. Its is a simple, practical and safe self administered practice of mindful awareness and relaxation technique that can be used at anytime and anyplace!
 The Pure Mind Transcendental Consciousness Meditation technique is an effortless and easy way to direct awareness deep within to the experience of pure Being, pure bliss and pure creative potentiality. The Pure Mind technique allows your awareness to drop beneath the stream of thought accessing the ground of your own silent BEing, the most powerful state of pure awareness – transcendental consciousness.
Pure Mind is grounded in the POWER and phenomenon of the principles of the "I AM" philosophy and determines a life of love , freedom and joy OR.....
What are Silent Retreats?
Silent Retreats are for those that yearn for the truth of their Being and of the Reality of life. It is a time to take a step back from the busy world and dive into the mystery of ones true essence that is present, still and silent. In Conscious Life Retreats we bathe in the natural environment of deep silence aside from when we join in dialogue , sharing and celebration. The entire duration of a retreat offers valuable insight, love and support with an invitation to the soul to open to deep inquiry and discovery. As inquiry deepens, questions are unveiled to be healed to the truth of ones BEing.
The Conscious Life Meditation "Pure Mind" system is a transcendental practice to awaken Absolute Awareness based on Australian Shamanism, Eastern philosophies and Modern Western Positive Psychology & Sociology.It is the link to the opening of eternal love & peace... A "cutting edge tool for direct focus evolutionary awakening for the english speaking culture".
The Pure Mind practices uses highly developed transcendental methods of establising mental silence - by means of presence and awareness. "Pure Mind" is a series of evolutionary practices which have been researched by transpersonal psychotherapists , doctors and psychologists. They are a course of effortless mindful awareness techniques that allows you to move beyond the chaos of the mind, into a direct experience of inner peace.
Pure Mind invites us to learn how established and positive relationship and understanding to our thoughts and programmed habits through the positive human affirmation.
The identification/addiction and engagement to these incessant thoughts and habits consistently block the awareness to the experience of our limitless, pure and true Self. The Pure Mind practice simply helps you introduce a new thought into the sea of thoughts already chattering in the mind. This process begins to turn the thinking mind around into a new direction (inward) and causes it to think at deeper levels which quietens the mind and brings the left and right brains into more of a coherence. By quitening the mind into a more direct , one pointed focused thinking , you can learn to move into a deep peaceful rest freeing the whole body of stress , anxiety, conflict or pain and into a state of natural ease.
How does it work?
Part 1.
Effortly brings awareness back to the present moment, healing our subjective, or inner, experience of life. It allows anyone, at any time to begin to let go of the limiting habits of judgment and condemnation, and reclaim their innerpeace.
Part 2.
Heals the beliefs and judgments we have around our relationship with the objective, or outside, experience; meaning our bodies, and the world around us. As the judgments we hold in these areas naturally dissolve through practice, we are reconnected
with the world as it is, rather than the world as we perceive it to be.
Part 3.
 Heals our relationship to the source of Love. Whilever there is still a sense of separation from true Love, there is the possibility of suffering and pain. The judgments we hold in this area, even if not conscious, create experiences of unworthiness and dissatisfaction in all areas of life. As Conscious MIND dissolves the beliefs in separation, automatically reality becomes clear. Love is the very presence of one’s own being. One begins to directly experience the most fundamental of all truths; that you have never been, nor will you ever be, separate from the source of All That Is.
Part 4.
Based on compassion, this technique is the handmaiden of expanding awareness. It is the natural by-product of a life aligned with parts 1,2 & 3. As one’s consciousness naturally expands through practice , Compassion effortlessly replaces judgment, initially with oneself, and ultimately with all of creation. This technique births this experience and heals our relationship with the rest of humanity.
Also available on request Advanced Weekends continuing parts 5 - 12
Wyong/Central Coast - Easy access off Gosford exit from Hwy.
Retreat price
Including accomodation, beautiful homemande cooked vegetarian meals, workshops, Soul Dance! Soul Voice and FUN!
The authenticity of Robyn's teachings resonate very strongly with me. She has stripped away all the esoteric trappings of modern spirituality and religions and what remains is pure bliss! I am constantly amazed at the benefits the simple practices she teachers are bringing to my life.
As a teacher Robyn is very perceptive, using her vast experience to help her students gain a greater understanding of themselves as spiritual beings. She seems to know just when to gently guide, and also when to give you that big push you need to get you past your resistance. While my ego likes to kick and scream I just keep coming back for more as my true self can sense the truth of what Robyn is teaching!!!

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                                           Level One runs over 6 days or 3 Day Intensive Retreat Style

Session 1 - 1.5hours

Session 2 - 1.5 hours

Session 3 - 1.5 hours

Session 4 - 1.5 hours

Course Fees
The course fee is a one-time payment that includes; 6 weeks Pure Mind Practice and discount to re follow-up meetings and refresher courses, all of which are all designed to develop and enhance a deeper immersion into Presence and inner peace.


( Normally $1000 ! )

Or Weekend Retreats ( see Retreat page)

Research shows that long term meditators who use a mental silence orientated form of meditation, do experience better mental and physical health than the general population and that the “meditative lifestyle” appears to be specifically associated with better health scores.

Importantly, the strongest and most consistent relationship between the health advantages experienced by this sample was with the experience of mental silence.

Interestingly, those who participated in a convenience sample of meditators using meditation techniques not focused on mental silence, did not appear to experience the same health advantage.

This finding strengthens the notion that mental silence and its associated yogic philosophy, may provide a basis for a typology of meditation that has practical salience. Furthermore, the empirical data here suggests a meaningful link between a specific state of consciousness and health and wellbeing benefits thereby providing a new perspective for scholars interested in the relationship between religiosity and health.

Dr Ramesh Manocha (2010)

 Dr Ramesh Manocha is a medical practitioner and researcher currently based at the Discipline of Psychiatry, Sydney Medical School, Sydney University


                            "Pure Mind" - Level 2 

Once you have experienced the power of CLM "Pure Mind" - Level 1 practice - Level 2 expands your existential relationship with universal creation. Together with Level 1, your meditation experience merges and expands taking you to greater depths of conscious awareness giving you the ‘bigger picture’ of reality.

 Connect with the magnificant forces and elements of nature through our life giving Sun , our beautiful Earth , Universal Intelligence and Cosmos.

Greater realisations occur as your true self is revealed and the activity of the mind becomes transparent and harmonized.


  Level Two runs over 6 days

Session 1 - 1.5hours

Session 2 - 1.5 hours

Session 3 - 1.5 hours

Session 4 - 1.5 hours


( Normally $1000 ! )

Or Weekend Retreats ( see Retreat page)


                                          "Pure Mind"- Level 3

                         Global Oneness - Absolute Non Dual Awareness

                                                           Advanced Students

* Divinity
* Silence
* Stillness
* Purity

Level 3 combines the practices of Subjective and Objective awareness into a complete transition of unified consciousness. Present and still, you are now liberated into the freedom of the true self, the absolute, pure BEing. In this great mystery of Being you are awake, alive and returned to your true and natural state of ever-present love. Here, you are living your souls purpose, extending and radiating peace for global oneness , and the awakening of humanity.



( Normally $1000 ! )


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