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Robyn Collins - Spiritual Director

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"Robyn is a leading teacher of personal transformation and spiritual consciousness. She is highly trained and well respected amongst communities of advanced healers and she has developed her private practice to an exceptionally high standard. I have great pleasure in recommend her to everyone who is truly committed to the pathway of Conscious Awakening”

Jayem- ( "The Way of Mastery" - World renown Spiritual Teacher & Author )

I have been a student of the Conscious Life Meditation & The Soul Code teachings and practices for many years and keep on coming back to 'sit' and rest in the profound wisdom that has changed my life forever. I am very blessed and honoured to have experienced The Soul Code ( 12 month course) , PURE MIND ( Levels 1,2 & 3)  as well as travelled on  "True Awakening "  Retreats to Bali. I work in community services as a case manager for Suicide Prevention and know that without CLM & TSC training would I be able to continue my work with such ease , grace and true compassion. Tracy - Newcastle


The authenticity of Robyn's teachings resonate very strongly with me. She has stripped away all the esoteric trappings of modern spirituality and religions and what remains is pure bliss! I am constantly amazed at the benefits the simple practices she teachers are bringing to my life.
As a teacher Robyn is very perceptive, using her vast experience to help her students gain a greater understanding of themselves as spiritual beings. She seems to know just when to gently guide, and also when to give you that big push you need to get you past your resistance. While my ego likes to kick and scream I just keep coming back for more as my true self can sense the truth of what Robyn is teaching!!! PAM - Canberra

In 2002 , my daughter was tragically murdered. As you could imagine , to me, it seemed my life 
was no longer worth living. I could not make sense of anything nor cared to. I was empty and   numb and just wanted to die. I filled myself with antidepressents, drugs, alchohol and self harmed so I didnt have to face the internal pain of my loss. One day , someone suggested that I speak with a counselor who had gone through the loss of her own child and recommeded that it may help to talk with her. I met Robyn and instantly felt a weight come off my shoulders. She really did know what I was feeling and the right words to help ease my pain... She helped me understand to the spiritual journey of the soul & WHY we are all here...even with such horrific suffering and traumatic crisis's that I experienced. It has been a long journey but thanks to Robyn and her support I am now able to LIVE again with a new understanding and gratitude for life.  " Karen - Wollongong NSW
 'Robyn is an incredible teacher who is in touch with the needs of people of the modern world. Her approach is effective, vibrant, down to earth and simple. I recommend her teachings and practices to absolutely anyone of all ages and experiences" Stephanie - School teacher & yoga teacher , Brisbane.
"The Conscious Life Meditation & The Soul Code Teachings and Practices allows you to immerse yourself in the place that connects you to your soul - this philosophy is life changing and I recommend these teachings for those who are seeking awakening . Robyn is a great & authentic teacher with a profound wisdom that is grounded , balanced and gentle. She reflects the direct truth within every humanbeing and comes with no spiritual traps, no special tricks , newage or dogmatic ideologies" Deb - Nurse/Teacher - Central Coast
'I feel immensley enriched, awake and privaledge to have been in the company of Robyn and her teachings and practices. It has been an incredible journey and I am truley grateful" Kaylene - Community Services - Central Coast

Pure Mind - Transcendental Consciousness Meditation

MARCH 1,2 & 3rd
Rainbows Reach Retreat Centre
Wyee - Central Coast

Bali - True Awakening 2013

May 6th -13th  2013
$1300 EB or $1400
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The Art & Science of Stillness & Spiritual Awakening

Next Worskshops:

MArch 16th & 17th

11am - 4pm Sat

10am - 3pm Sun

Peninsula Yoga Centre -  Chambers Place Woy Woy

"A step towards Evolutionary Enlightenment"

$120 or bring a friend and pay $100 each

*Explore cutting edge philosphies from modern spiritual masters and the true secrets to the lawas of manifestation

*Learn the integration & focus of Eastern and Western traditions and their vital connections between mind, heart, body, soul & spirit as separate facets of a single whole - ONEness.

* Meditations and activities for self discovery and spiritual mastery

* Quantum Physics—The foundation of BEing & the driving force of evolution.

* Discover WHO you really are ? WHYyou are here? & WHAT you truly want as a conscious spirit.

* Uncover what is really in the way of you experiencing 100% enlightenment and healing

* Presence , Silence & Stillness - Expanding your practice to reach deeper levels of conscious awakening , inner peace and freedom.