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Robyn Collins - Spiritual Director

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The Soul Code

                                            Life is a journey

The pathway is through Meditation

The Soul is the vehicle

The goal is to Awaken.

Soul Code is a true story of how an Australian mother ( Robyn Collins) reached the state of spiritual realisation after the tragic death of her 2 day old daughter. She shares the healing journey of a mother’s pain and the ways to find peace and comfort from a place of confusion and loss. Trying to find sense out of life and death is something that nearly every human being will one day question. Through persistence and commitment to find the "Truth’, Robyn shares the simple ' keys to unlocking' the mystery of the souls journey. Her story inspires the reader to know that a spiritual understanding does not have anything to do with traditional religions or philosophies nor does it have to be anything 'special'. Spiritual understanding can be attained in an ordinary and authentic way that only requires a willing and open heart.

A message from Robyn

I would like to invite you, the reader, to come with me on an exciting and liberating journey into the Peace of Stillness and Silence. I will share with you, along the way, my experiences which have led me to the greatest knowledge that I can give to you – Spiritual Awakening. This experience is deep within your soul and the path will be shown to you through some very simple methods and exercises that are within the reach of everyone who seeks to truly know. There are many formulas currently being researched that point in the direction of enlightenment and awakening and The Soul Code will serve to add to the knowledge base and introduce to you my way. I will take you through my journey and lead you to the place where you can find the answers for yourself. The Soul Code is not a series of symbols, a system, signs or secret language. It is a communication that speaks to the soul through a simple message. The code is held within the words that are directly translated by the knowing of your own heart.

The BOOK - The Soul Code
Is in manuscript and ready to be published. We are offering you the opportunity to have your name in the book as well as be part of assisting humankind in the emergence of evolutionary spiritual awakening by offering an open invitation and funding excercise for raising spiritual awareness products ♥

All donations go towards publishing the Soul Code manuscript and Inspirational Cards with Balboa Press - A division of Hay House Publishers.

All donations accepted ♥ Gifts & Rewards from $30 and over donations ( for eg. I will post you a BOOK when funding is reached and book is published ) :-)

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The SOUL CODE Retreats and Workshops
Soul Code Retreats and workshops are based on the philosophy and practices in the book "The Soul Code". Workshop & Retreat participation offers a deeper experiental understanding and transmission of the Code of the SOUL


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Soul Talk


Guest speaking & meetings with Robyn
Soul Talk is an invitation to the audience to ask questions and recieve direct guidance and answers to the journey of YOUR SOUL.
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Self talk OR Soul talk?

What do you do?


Do you often get confused between what is the voice of your Self – and the voice of your Soul? Have you ever made choices that you think is coming from your Soul, your higher self or spiritual guides etc to find that things haven’t worked out exactly as hoped they would? Most of us have experienced this kind of disappointment over and over again, and yet we keep falling for the same illusion - that satisfaction and fulfillment are just around the corner in the next cool thing and so we keep on searching for the right ‘voice’.

After a while, you may find yourself confused about which way to turn or which way to go next. The challenge is common on the spiritual ‘path’ and is something we all seem to face at some stage or another. This can manifest itself as even more frustrating because we can never seem to really get it and are constantly coming up against dead ends.

In times of frustration, the loudest voice often wins and the loudest voice is the ego’s Self Talk. It is the voice that says ‘I’ll try a new technique…. …My chakras must be out of alignment …This workshop will do it….If I learn to be a psychic or a healer...that will get me there”

However, louder isn't necessarily the same as wiser. Which voice do you listen to - the softer, quieter voice of the Soul, or the louder, more impatient one? The voice of the Soul speaks of a life of peace that is available to you right NOW. The voice of the egoic Self seeks that which will fulfill some kind of temporary need.

The wiser and softer voice of the Soul resides from a deep, deep place in your consciousness. It is a voice that is felt sense of quiet ‘knowing’, one that would have you strive for a more meaningful and intimate inner experience rather than temporal and less fulfilling aspects of the everyday world.

The part of you that hopes fulfillment will be found in the next job, workshop, technique, relationship, car or cool piece of technology comes from the less wise and louder part of you. It is your (egoic) Self-Talk talking. The egoic Self Talk comes from lifetimes of historical, psychological, biological and cultural ‘human ‘conditioning. This does not relate to the part of you that is the deeper meaningful true self which is Soul, but is the part of you that continues to seek outside of itself to get or bring things to itself in order to feel fulfilled.

Listening to the Soul is to listen to a voice that is inward and silent. It is a voice that is unconditional, forgiving , loving, peaceful and free.

Robyn answered my questions about life with a direct and simple truth. She reconnected me instantly to my own soul which left me with clarity and a sense of profound freedom - Mark NSW
I came to Robyn seeking the truth about what all the 'New ageys' where calling BEing & Presence.
"Just BE .... I AM Present' is what they all chanted.
For me ...these groovy 'Cliche' s where a norm amongst the spiritual "wanna be's" and/or genuine seekers of inner peace , BUT no one seemed to be really getting it because they where all so focused on running around finding it to tell others how to 'get it'.
When I came to Robyn, I was confused and frustrated because I was doing and saying all the right things about BEIng ...but not really feeling it in my body and life.
Robyn directed me to experience , embody and truley KNOW what BEing Present was all about. AND it wasnt something I had to 'do' - It was something that I AM. - Cameron QLD






Pure Mind - Transcendental Consciousness Meditation

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Bali - True Awakening 2013

May 6th -13th  2013
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The Art & Science of Stillness & Spiritual Awakening

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MArch 16th & 17th

11am - 4pm Sat

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Peninsula Yoga Centre -  Chambers Place Woy Woy

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*Explore cutting edge philosphies from modern spiritual masters and the true secrets to the lawas of manifestation

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* Discover WHO you really are ? WHYyou are here? & WHAT you truly want as a conscious spirit.

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