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What is Meditation & Presence ?

The Conscious Life Meditation System: One of the most common misconceptions people have about learning how to meditate is that it involves trying to stop your thoughts or attempting to control or change the mind in some way. For this reason, many people see it as something difficult to do. In truth, true meditation is completely effortless. In fact, trying to stop your thoughts is an impossible task. The mind's job is to produce a constant stream of thoughts and we actually have zero control over the content or the frequency of the thoughts.

The average adult has around 100,000 thoughts per day, 95% of which are the same as yesterday's! No wonder we find so little peace. Giving the monkey mind our attention all day is absolutely exhausting! One of the most significant benefits of learning how to meditate is that it frees up a tremendous amount of energy. 

Exercise: Close your eyes for a couple of minutes and watch your mind, as if the thoughts were appearing on a movie screen in front of you. As you become aware of each thought, give it a number. In this way, count the thoughts as they appear. Most people experience a sense of peace as distance is created between themselves and the thoughts.

In unconscious thinking, we ARE the thoughts... we are fully identified with ourselves as the thoughts, feelings and emotions. Through watching the mind you will see that there are two entities.... the thoughts themselves and the observer of the thoughts, the one who is counting! So which one are you???


Eckhart Tolle refers to the watcher as the Silent Witness. This constant and unchanging part of our being is the Source of all peace and contentment within you. Learning how to meditate will allow you to deepen your connection with the Silence within.


Robyn Collins Presents: the system, the philosophy and the technique, which helps direct the 'Conscious Mind' to create a new perception of itself by dismantling old patterns, habits and addictive thoughts. These patterns of beliefs are what creates the obstacles to happiness in our lives.

The Conscious Life meditation system creates new neural pathways within the brain. This can lead to improved concentration a feeling of true contentment and peace, increased productivity levels and sensation of fulfillment, joy and happiness.

Meditation is used globally in mind, body spirit practices. Conscious Life Meditation System programs and retreats are tailored to suite people of all ages, from all backgrounds.

The Conscious Life Meditation program is part of an evolutionary philosophy that is universally recognised and has been developed to be versatile enough that it can be used by:
  • Human Resource Workers
  • Professional Energy Therapists.
  • Life, Business and Community Coaches
  • Psychologists and Counsellors.
  • Nurses, Medical Practitioners
  • Parents
  • Teachers
  • Group Facilitators
  • Corporate and Business Professionals
  • Children and Teenagers
  • Spiritual Awareness Practitioners
  • Aged Care Workers and Carers
  • Social Workers
  • Mental Health Professionals
  • Grief and Bereavement Counsellors
  • Cancer or Terminal illness Support Workers

In the West, the word meditation means a concentrated state of mind in serious reflection. The Latin root of the word meditation, mederi, means "to heal." It is an effort to heal afflictions of the mind, the hurt ego, by trying to understand the cause of the problem and finding a way to solve it, that is, by knowing what counter-measures to take. To meditate thus, is to deepen a state of understanding.

In the East, however, meditation does not mean thinking at all but fixing the mind in a spiritual ideal, to be one with it, or the thought-process dissolving in the consciousness of it.

CLM blends both Western and Eastern philosophies. The Conscious Life teachings guide the mind into the space for inquiry , understanding and healing. The Conscious Life meditation is used simply as the 'vehicle' to presence and stillness. From this vantage point you learn to be free by dissolving all fear, pain , distress & conflict.

CLM practice is a natural process for gaining profound rest for the mind-body system. The experience is also sometimes referred to as just being — being awake, or conscious, yet without a lot of 'busy' mental activity. Conscious Life Meditation allows the mind-body system to settle down and take time out from today's hectic life of incessant activity, noise and stress. This unique form of meditation is beneficial for all ages and delivers an overall feeling of improved health and happiness.  

Thoughts are the cause of all human suffering. Our thoughts are constantly comparing, searching, seeking, judging, organizing, controlling, manipulating and questioning life? Who Am I? Why me? How do I look? Why do others act as they do? Why am I happy? Sad? Lonely? Depressed? Why is there anger? Blame? Criticism and war? Where do I find peace in my life? Is it in my relationship, money, work, my home or my car? The list goes on. The mind is always “doing’ something or getting ready to take action in order to survive, keep safe or feel loved.
Thoughts from the past constantly replay themselves from our subconscious mind. For example, fear of abandonment, need for approval, unworthiness and failure are patterns that repeat themselves throughout life in relationship with ourselves, others, and community. These thoughts sometimes force us into feelings of confusion and depression.

We define ourselves and who we believe we are through family, media, religion, spirituality and society. Our natural state of being is stillness, peace and silence. It is as pure and innocent as it was the moment you where born. From birth you have been conditioned, controlled, manipulated and encouraged to believe you are different than this natural state. The need for safety, wisdom and education is an important part of human existence but we spend so much time working on survival that we have forgotten to give ourselves time to stay in touch with our authentic self.

Peace is always and will always be present. Silently sitting behind the activity of the mind like an ocean that calmly abides it watches the waves arising before itself, and from itself, but not separate from its own essence. Meditation helps control the waves of thought that crash endlessly against all resistance to peace.

Meditation is an authentic contemporary approach to spiritual practice & Inquiry designed to bring about a total transformation of humanity. Conscious Life Meditation creates equilibrium of the mind.
Why Meditate ?
Stress, pressure, fatigue, poor diet, alcohol, and drugs damage neural connections between the brain’s prefrontal cortex—or “CEO”—and the rest of the brain. When you are overtired or under intense mental or physical stress, the brain bypasses its higher, more evolved, rational frontal executive circuits—it starts using more primitive stimulus/response pathways. Consequently, you respond to daily demands without thinking; you make impulsive, short-sighted decisions. When the CEO goes offline, strong emotions, such as fear and anger, take over, adversely coloring your view of the world.

Stress signs

  • Rigid thinking
  • Impulsive, reactive behavior
  • Shortsighted decision-making
  • Poor working memory
  • Distracted attention
  • Drug and alcohol abuse
  • Unethical thinking and behavior

Stressed physiology

  • Fatigue
  • High blood pressure
  • Eating and sleeping disorders
  • Weak immune system
  • Imbalanced emotions
  • Low self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Worries, anxieties, and fears
  • Shallow, divisive emotions
  • Unstable relationships
  • Depression

People who practice Conscious Life Meditation have reported improvements in various areas of their lives.

Here are some of them:
  • Greater happiness
  • Inner Peace
  • Natural Spiritual connection
  • More mental clarity and creativity
  • Feeling less stressed
  • Improved sleep patterns
  • A more relaxed way of handling difficult situations
  • Improved energy levels
  • Greater self-confidence
  • A deeper understanding of life
  • Purposeful, flexible thinking
  • No impulsive, proactive behavior
  • Greater work focus & productivity
  • Farsighted decision-making
  • Excellent working memory
  • Settled, focused attention
  • No substance abuse or addictions
  • Ethical thinking and behavior
  • Energy and vitality
  • Fit cardiovascular system
  • Strong immune functioning
  • Self-confidence and secure self-esteem
  • Feelings of safety and peace
  • Compassion and empathy for others
  • Healthy interpersonal relations
  • Happiness and optimism
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Nearly all mankind is more or less unhappy because nearly all do not know the true self.

Real happiness abides in Self-knowledge alone. All else is fleeting.

To know one's Self Is to be blissful always.

Ramana Maharishi


When asked “What do you truly want’’ for most of humankind the answer will be I want peace or happiness’’ The Conscious Life Meditation System helps direct awareness to the innate source of universal peace.


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